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    Quick question!

    I'm on the firing range and don't have time actually research this question! I have planned to wash and do a paint correction on my car tomorrow in preparation for a big car show Saturday. It's supposed to rain tomorrow! If I get the car washed and in the garage, will have any problems with humidity while applying compound, polish, and wax tomorrow?
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    Re: Quick question!

    In my experience, it will take longer and you'll need more microfiber towels to wipe off compound or polish. Wax depends on your choice of wax. Synthetics may work better. Extremes in temperature combined with high humidity will delay your work. That's from my experience working in a high humidity building. No ventilation and cars washed near where I worked. Allow more time.

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    Re: Quick question!

    ^^ This. Plus go sparingly on the product, that will make it easier to remove. You might want to try the Ult Fast Finish as your wax, it's worked very well for me on the occasions I've used it when it was humid.
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