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Hi Folks:

I'm concerned about spraying an aerosol product onto my newly restored headlights, because it never goes on completely mirror smooth ... no matter how well it self-levels. Would it be possible to somehow buff this a bit to make it smoother -- after letting it cure for a week or so? Maybe with a super-fine polishing compound? Or maybe just a buffing cloth?

How can we make it mirror smooth like the factory coating?

I'm sure if we all think about it and are willing to experiment (I'll try it out on my car), we can come up with something good. Thanks for any help you can provide.
We do not believe you will be able to successfully buff this. We have engineered it to lay down very flat, and it does, but to the discerned eye, it will not be the exact same as factory, but again, for 99% of persons, it looks great.

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we use this product in our detailing business on badly fogged headlights that we restore. After getting ther lens as clear as we can get it, we spray this on and it even clarify the lens a tiny bit more and now has a new UV coating so the fogging does not come back in a few months. The only issue is that you need to make larger cans of this so we are not buying this as much as we are.
Happy to hear you enjoy using it. I will pass along your feedback regarding larger sizes.