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    My first time

    Received my MT300 yesterday and this morning I got right to it! Washed with Gold Glass, clayed with Megs clay and red bottle detailer, then used the yellow pad with Ultimate Polish, finished off with Ultimate liquid by hand. Tires were cleaned with 101 at

    WHEW! 5 hours.

    My car is a 2004 Acura TSX. I bought it last year and it was pretty well maintained, some dings here and there but oh, so many swirls. The dings remain but son of a gun, the swirls are gone!

    I have been reading all I could from the wealth of knowledge you all have provided. Thank you all.

    I plan on finishing tomorrow with a wipe down of Fast Finish. I should have done before and after pics, but I did not. I will say, it was like magic to do a quarter panel and instantly see the difference, awesome!

    I hope to be able to contribute in some way in the future.


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    Re: My first time

    Happy to hear you are liking it! Thanks for sharing!
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