Attention All Detailers, Hobbyists, and Paint Correction Enthusiasts,

In association with Meguiar's we are pleased to announce the launch of the:

This Event will combine the current most cutting edge technical information on Paint Correction with most efficient, precise, and quality driven procedures known to date.

The course arms attendees with the technical understanding of the technology, tools, products, and procedures in order to tackle and finish even the most challenging paint systems. This is an all assault on the mental understanding and physical skill training of PAINT CORRECTION ONLY! ALL activities will focus on helping those in attendance to improve their paint polishing skills as much as possible, not matter their starting skill level.

The program is a marriage of theoretical learning and practical hands-on skill training; taught by some of the leading and most respected trainers in the industry.

With a total attendee account of 16 and 5 instructors, the event was designed to that each attendee will have a great deal of personal learning time with trainers.

* * All of this takes place in private facility that will display some very rare and multiple concours award winning vintage and contemporary vehicles.

For more information see the Flyer below and/or click the link to the dedicated P3 Paint Correction Training Event PAGE here.

For any other questions regarding the event, I can be reached at 949.427.1191