My friend had a little oops with his daughter's brand new car ... he kind of backed into it with his car. No real damage but some real nasty scuff marks.

He asked me how much to fix and I just laughed at him. Seriously? Charge a friend for a 12" x 12" scuff mark? PLEASE. He lives about an hour or so away from me, so he's insistent that he pay me something for gas/time/etc, so I just told him to feed me.

I forgot to get an after shot of the headlight ... because I actually forgot there had been a mark there! He set me up in his garage, left for a few minutes to get us coffee. By then I had already used the rotary and Meg's Ult Compound so the marks were gone before he returned. When he asked me how long I thought it would take me, he about dropped his coffee cup when I told him I was already done and that all I had to do was a quick buff with the PC & some Meg's Ult Polish to make sure I didn't leave any swirls from the rotary. The ONLY damage remaining from the little brush with his car are two little bumps (smaller than a pencil eraser) where the plastic bumper on her car had popped out and chipped off the paint.

So guess who's buying lunch at work tomorrow?