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Thread: NXT vs. Black Paste for Black Cars

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    NXT vs. Black Paste for Black Cars

    Used to use NXT all the time. Recently heard about Meguiars Black Paste. Any comparison between these two on a dark car like a BMW Jet Black or Honda Accord Black?

    Any big tradeoffs between the two?

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    Re: NXT vs. Black Paste for Black Cars

    Blck Paste appears to have some cleaners in it. It's been awhile since I used NXT but I don't think it has cleaners. My opinion.. I don't like NXT on darker color vehicles as it tends to leave a cling wrap look. I also don't much care for waxes with cleaners.

    Personally, I'd recommend Ultimate Liquid Wax over those two.

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    Re: NXT vs. Black Paste for Black Cars

    That is correct. Both are different products. Black wax is a cleaner wax that will clean, polish and protect. NXT is a finishing sealant.

    It depends on what you are planning to do. If a quick detail then black wax is what you want. If you are doing some sort of paint correction (compounding and/or polishing) then NXT would be the product to use.

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