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I know I asked this of the Ultimate Wheel cleaner, but since I have a bottle of it already, can the Mirror Bright wheel cleaner be used to decon paint? It's safe for painted wheels so it's not a far stretch to think that it could, but I wanted to ask before trying it out. I've got a severely neglected white 1998 explorer that I recently purchased. The Mirror Bright wheel cleaner worked great on the wheels.

Hi WhiteLX,

We do not recommend using our Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner or any of our other wheel cleaners for applications other than wheels. We know and understand other products use similar color changing/iron reacting chemistry for applications other than wheels, but Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner is designed just for wheels. Keep in mind with any product which uses this color changing ingredient, that color changing ingredient could be one of many other ingredients in the formulation, and even though the color changing ingredient is widely known for it's effective yet safe cleaning ability on a wide array of surfaces, the other ingredients included in the formulation may be geared towards a more specific application like wheels, to help with all sorts of variables in performance. Those ingredients geared towards a more specific application may or may not work well or be safe for certain surfaces.

Hope this helps.