Why cant you buy pads locally ???
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Thread: Why cant you buy pads locally ???

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    Why cant you buy pads locally ???

    Ok so I do see Meguiars wax,polishes and car washes everywhere, but why when I do a search for 5 & 6 inch foam pads & backing plate, it's only a online purchase? Some people cant wait for online to ship!

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    Re: Why cant you buy pads locally ???

    I dunno what you have around you but my local advance auto parts has some inventory of the maroon, yellow, and black 6” pads for my g110v2. That’s where I’ve gotten mine for awhile. I know all advances don’t carry them, though.

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    Re: Why cant you buy pads locally ???

    It's one of those things that's sold mainly online as most brick & mortar stores need to stock items most people will buy often, they do not want to sit on slow moving stock.
    Also if they do stock it, it's soo expensive...so not many people want to buy, they go online (cheaper). That's simply the way it is.
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