Only purchase pads online ????
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Thread: Only purchase pads online ????

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    Only purchase pads online ????

    Why is there no local retailers that carry backing plates and 5 & 6 inch foam pads? You see waxes , polishes etc. Some people cant wait for online shipping...ARGHHH

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    Re: Only purchase pads online ????

    They probably don't stock them as they would likely have a hard time selling them. While machine use (DA/rotary) is common here on the forum, it is quite uncommon for the average owner. People barely want to spend $10 on a bottle of wax, let alone $300 on a machine and another $50 on pads. It's far from a Meguiar's issue though. Talk to your retailers and convince them to stock the pads, or buy them on Amazon and use the 1/2 day shipping options.

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    Re: Only purchase pads online ????

    As roushstage2 mentioned, most people are not going to buy a DA, pads etc. Most stores have to carry items people will buy and buy often.
    I have to say of the 200+ assorted pads I have in my inventory...none were purchased at a store, all were ordered online. I simply never saw pads in any stores I walked into.
    Amazon has lots of choices, Autogeek, all have good selections, just the way it is...
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