I just picked up a Honda Civic sedan and had a question that's probably been answered elsewhere on this forum, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I had a 2001 dark green Accord with painted black trim around the window frames & on the door pillars that I just used to finish off with Gold Class Carnuba wax when doing my exterior care. I wasn't looking for a "gloss" finish on these parts and knew I wouldn't get one using this product - it was just something (the GC Carnuba) that I had on hand and went ahead and used it. Never had any problems with coverage or with age or environmental-related discoloration over the years.

Now, on this new(er) Civic, is there any specific product recommendation for taking care of these parts of the exterior? I can't see where the GC Carnuba would do any harm but is there currently anything that Meguiar's recommends that affords any better protection?