Good Morning
Over the week end I was able to load a single image to help another Member's thread move forward.

A couple hours later, I attempted to upload about 15 images via Gallery Upload.
The User Interface indicates that this is acceptable.
Each image had been reduced to 640 pixels wide and compressed in .JPG format. So they were not huge in size. Possible averaged 50 KB or less each.
Although it appeared to take a couple of minutes to process, the images never appeared in my gallery.
I was unable to build the new thread.
I gave it a few hours to complete, and still no images.
I repeated the process.....still no images.

Is there a limit on number or total size of image upload that can occur at one time?

I was able to use remote hosting of the images, yet it the images are removed from that host, that breaks the image as it appears on the Meguiar's Online Forums.