I gave myself a long weekend since Monday is my birthday (51) and my wife is taking care of her grandmother this weekend, as long as I have my chores done, the rest of the time I can play with my car.

Friday I did a good wash on the car w/Meg's Gold Class, sheeted the water off and dried it with microfibers and Ult Quick Detailer. Once everything was dry, the first coat of UFF was applied, and the car put away in the garage.

Fast forward to today and the car comes out (before the sun even rises) and the car gets "dusted off" with lots of Ult Quick Detailer and lots of microfibers - it really wasn't dirty, having been enclosed in the garage, but I could 'sense' the dust was there.

The sun still hadn't come up so I began the 2nd application of Ult Fast Finish. Just as I was finishing the front and rear ends, the sun came up over the trees and I thought some pics were in order - since I haven't posted any in a while.

Now I haven't done anything to the Camaro since I first got the Detailer's Line PRC except for washing and applying UFF at intervals.

Here's what she looks like now.