(posted in the Detailing 101 forum, but thought it might be better suited for this forum)

Hey guys,

Long time lurker here. I've had one of the older Meguiar's branded D/A polishers for over 10 years (a Porter Cable 7335). Back then, I used the tried & true combo of the yellow Soft Buff pad & M80 Speed Glaze for general defect removal and polishing. I'm wanting to upgrade to the newer foam discs and some of the newer products from the consumer line since the M80 is considered old technology nowdays.

1) What would be the best product from the consumer line that would fit my needs as a combination defect remover AND polish when using my D/A on a late model Ford with black paint? I see that there's an ultimate compound AND an ultimate polish, but I'd really like to get something that does both like M80 did.

2) I've read a few threads that seemed to indicate that the new burgundy foam disc is actually recommended to use use directly on paint (unlike the old Soft Buff pad, which I only used with a bonnet to remove wax). Which of the new foam discs, burgundy or yellow, is recommended for general defect removal & polishing?

BTW, here's my old faithful: