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Thread: Ultimate liquid wax... no haze?

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    Ultimate liquid wax... no haze?

    Says to leave for 3-5 mins, then wipe off. Wipe what off? By that time, there's no evidence it was ever put on?!?. Am I not applying enough, or am I supposed to just go on faith that it's there? Lol. I was expecting some kind of haze to remove. I have no visual cue that I've done a section. By hand if I goop on way too much, then I can. But with a DA, no way. Normal?

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    Re: Ultimate liquid wax... no haze?

    You should be able to tell by the slickness left behind as you are buffing off the excess product. If you wish, you can apply it to the entire car and then wipe it off. UW does not haze like a traditional wax. You also want a thin even coat on the paint.

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    Re: Ultimate liquid wax... no haze?

    it should be put on so thin it is difficult to see. Any more and you are just wasting product. You will end up removing almost all of the product you put on the paint.

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    Re: Ultimate liquid wax... no haze?

    Ultimate Liquid Wax (ULW) is very unique compared to our other traditional liquid waxes/sealants. ULW will not dry white on exterior trim what so ever. ULW can also be used in full sun on a hot paint surface if needed. Primarily because of these two characteristics of the product, it is normal for a user to feel like they are having a different application experience compared to our others waxes or may not be applying the product correctly the first time around. It takes a little getting used to. ULW does not really "haze up' like our other liquid waxes. As you have noticed on the directions, ULW does not require the typical recommended dry time like our liquid waxes. The product states to wipe off after 3 - 5 minutes.

    Again, it takes a little getting used to, but if you can, it can sure make application quicker & easier than our other liquid waxes. For more information, check out the below video:

    Hope this helps!

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