Need help with stain in paint
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Thread: Need help with stain in paint

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    Need help with stain in paint

    1992 mustang painted summer of 2015. garage kept, <1k miles per year. Unfortunately was flooded summer of last year ~2' or so. Many things in the garage floated up and into the surface of the car, all kinds of usual chemicals kept in garage as well.

    Since my home was flooded as well, a buddy of mine showed up from back home with his car hauler and took the car to get it back into shape. I bought a car cover and sent to him as I knew it wouldn't be in his shop the entire time.

    Finally made it back home to pick it up last month and the 1st thing on my list was to detail it out. After washing, I noticed streaks in the paint (like dirty rain water that's rolled up the hood and dried while driving) and spots to match here and there. I rewashed the hood and tops of fender panels this time with dawn then clay barred, scratch x, ultimate compound (all with buffer) and finally a coat of wax. This didn't remove the spots.

    The unknown is what and when got onto or into the paint as I was so busy with the house when he arrived to get it that he just loaded it and left - I had not even looked at it.

    What should I try next?


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    Re: Need help with stain in paint

    Hi reo4ua,

    What type of machine & pads were being used with our Scratch X 2.0 & Ultimate Compound? A Dual Action Polisher? Foam or Microfiber Pads? From here we can make further recommendations. If these products were being used on a dual action polisher with foams, you can get significantly more aggressive using our DA Microfiber Cutting Disc.

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