Current replacement PN for W-8006 Pad?
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Thread: Current replacement PN for W-8006 Pad?

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    Current replacement PN for W-8006 Pad?

    Hello to all

    What is the modern day replacement part number for the W-8006 pad? I own a Meguiars DA that had been left behind when i moved from Puerto Rico to Texas a few years ago. To my pleasant surprise, my mother came to visit us and she packed up all my Meguiars goodies in a piece of luggage and i am finally reunited with my mom and my orecious G100!!!!


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    Re: Current replacement PN for W-8006 Pad?

    Using a G100, I'd go with the new, smaller pads: DFP5 for the polishing pad. Get a 5" backing plate as well. The smaller discs allow the G100 to perform better. Mine loves them.

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