Help with Orange Peel New Paint
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Thread: Help with Orange Peel New Paint

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    Help with Orange Peel New Paint

    I am doing some touch up work on a fender flare. I painted the metallic base coat and it turned out decent. When I put on the clear coat I just couldn't get it to lay flat no matter what so it has quite a bit of orange peel. I believe I have done enough coats that it could be leveled out and salvaged but not sure. Base and clear are both dupli-color acrylic lacquer. What is my best approach to level it out and make it look good? What products do I need to try? I had read somewhere about sanding with 2000 then 3000 then using Meguiar's 85 then 205. Would this work or is there a better approach? Please advise

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    Re: Help with Orange Peel New Paint

    Hi kna4977,

    In general, yes, 2000 grit paper, applied via hand or da sander machine, does have the ability to remove orange peel texture. We would just recommend reading up on proper technique when applying these papers. You can pick up some great recommendations in the below section:

    Pictures from Meguiar's Garage - Intro to Wet Sanding & The Rotary Polisher Classes

    In regards to the compound/polish process, M85 Diamond Cut Compound 2.0 does have the ability to remove 2000 or 3000 grit marks. This is a recommended to be applied with a rotary polisher machine. Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound & M100 Pro Speed Compound both would be other options which utilize newer technology. Cut more, finish better. M205 Ultra Finishing Polish is currently Meguiar's most premium finishing polish.

    Hope this information gives you a good start.

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    Re: Help with Orange Peel New Paint

    Well the good news is he used lacquer.....which hardens quite quickly. Still, I would wait at least 48 hours for it to harden before sanding.
    That being said, after sanding, wait another 48 hours. Why ? Lacquer hardens from outside-in which is different than acrylic enamel or catalyzed urethane.
    After that, hit it with M105 via buffer....followed by M205. Finish by hand with M305.

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