Best Mequiars for bird poo.
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Thread: Best Mequiars for bird poo.

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    Best Mequiars for bird poo.

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a spray I can keep in my car for cleaning off bird poo. I want something that will work a couple hours to a few days after the poo has landed on the car. So far I have had recommendations of ultimate quick detailer and ultimate quick wax. Which would be best? Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Best Mequiars for bird poo.

    Between the two, I believe UQD would be better suited to the situation. Another option would be their waterless wash, Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere. That one might have a few more emulsifying agents and will leave some protection afterwards as well.

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    Re: Best Mequiars for bird poo.

    I wanted to mention that Bird Droppings have the potential to etch & stain your paint immediately! Always remove a bird dropping as soon as you see it to lessen the chance of having a deep etched stain. Meguiar's Quik Detail sprays like our Ultimate Quik Detailer work great to help loosen up the bird dropping so you can safely remove it. We recommend soaking the dropping with the detail spray, and with a microfiber towel, lay the towel on the stain and use a "picking up" motion, almost like you are picking the dropping up off the paint. From there you can use a separate towel for any remaining residue.

    Meguiar's Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax does provide more cleaning & lubricating ability, and for a contaminant like a bird dropping, this product would provide better performance than a detail spray because of this.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to post further questions.

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    Re: Best Mequiars for bird poo.

    I keep a bottle of Ultimate Waterless wash and wax in the trunk and a roll of paper towels just for bird bombs.
    I spray the folded sheet of paper towel til it's soaked and dripping and lay it on the poo...sometimes I spray a bit more UWWW and let it sit for a min or so. The poo usually comes off without any issue.
    THEN I would finish off with a MF towel.
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    Re: Best Mequiars for bird poo.

    I agree that a waterless wash product is best. There are times of the year when the wild cherries on the trees that overhang my driveway mature and I get I get bombed. I take some old MF towels and cut 'em up in 4"x4" squares. Lay a well-soaked one on the spot and leave it alone for ten minutes or so, making sure it stay damp with product. Pinch it from the outside to lift the **** into the middle of the towel, then finish with more product and a good, soft MF.



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