Headlight protective films are a terrible idea
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Thread: Headlight protective films are a terrible idea

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    Headlight protective films are a terrible idea

    I purchased new headlights recently and I was researching about putting a film on it, but not after reading reviews and experiences on other forums.


    Look at all the forum threads of people complaining that Lamin-X caused fractures on their headlights. It can't be coincidence. And this is supposed to be the best headlight/fog light protective film on the market. Lamin-X claims a 5 year warranty, that's all cool and dandy, but at $500-1000 for oem headlights, they wouldn't replace them, otherwise, they'd go out of business.

    My best option is simply put a sealant like Meguiar liquid wax every week. This should keep them clear for many years.

    The tint will eventually destroy the lens. My 1's headlights had Laminx from the previous owner, and were so screwed up I had to buy new ones. The problem is over time they develop stress cracks because the film does not let the plastic expand and contract. This causes the lens to fight with the film. Its a mix of sunlight heat, weather, and headlight bulb heat. What ***** is its almost invisible untill you turn on the lights and see burned in halos. It *****, think twice about using the film. Youve been warned!
    The plastic is only ment to hold a Certain temprature and the Lamin-X Acts like an Insulator Holding all the heat in. Basically, this may cause the headlights to heat up too much and crack. They are called heat cracks. This wouldn't happen if the headlights are made of glass.
    I've read in a couple of places that the cause of cracking headlights with laminX is that it's not letting the headlights cool down and the excessive heat is causing cracks.
    This is quite a known issue and that's what stopped me from purchasing them in the first place.

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    Re: Headlight protective films are a terrible idea

    I have used X-Pel for years and never had an issue with fractures appearing on my lenses. In fact my headlights retained their look.

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    Re: Headlight protective films are a terrible idea

    Does ULW have cleaning agents?
    I am concerned that these cleaning agents would deminish the factory protective coating.

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