I am confused about the differences between Ultimate Interior Detailer and Quik Interior Detailer and under what circumstances I would want to use either of them.

Based on scant information available on the products pages of the website, I have summarized details listed for both of these products (only listing the ones that are related to my questions) below.

"long lasting Shine & Protection"
Prevents aging and protects surfaces from contaminants
Brings back to like new condition

Cleans surfaces dirt and grime
Low-ish level of gloss (based on the gloss meter icon)

Based on that, I have these specific questions:
Does Ultimate not have any UV protection? Several of your other products specify UV protection...this does not)?
If no UV protection, then what is Ultimate protecting from?
What is the level of shine from Ultimate? It says it offers shine, but no gloss meter icon is provided for this product to compare with gloss levels for other products.
Does the absence of an icon indicating cleaning properties for Ultimate mean it does not do anything useful for cleaning the surfaces? For a detailer, this seems like one of the more important properties.

Thank you in advance for any help in clarifying these points of confusion for me.