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    small stone chip

    Hi all. My car has a like new finish on it thanks to Meguiars products but recently I got a tiny stone chip right in the middle of my hood. The car is a metallic dark red color. I used the factory touch up paint on it with a tiny paint brush. I had the spot masked off with blue painters tape to prevent getting any paint where I did not want it. After removing the tape, there still is excess paint around the spot. Under certain light conditions the spot is now more visible than the original chip mark. It is dry now but does anyone know a way to remove the excess paint without damaging any of the factory paint? This car is my baby and I do not want to make it any worse. Thank you.

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    Re: small stone chip

    Hi Scarpi,

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Getting touch up paint to apply & lay down very nicely is extremely difficult in my opinion or at least I have to see it performed well. I typically always refer people to see professional help in these situations. I do not have experience with, but I have heard that the brand Dr. Color Chip works well.

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    Re: small stone chip

    It may help some: @4:10

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