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Thread: Water spots on my ceramic coating, removed?

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    Water spots on my ceramic coating, removed?

    I used the detailers line wheel brightener D140 1/5 to remove light water spots on my corvette with a microfiber towel, then recleaned the area with instant detailer, and then added another layer of my maintenance top coat.
    Just wondering what people thought! Is this a no no? I just didn

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    Re: Water spots on my ceramic coating, removed?

    Hi akgolfpro,

    It looks like your post go cut off. We apologize for any inconvenience. We invite you to please finish your questions so we can make a proper response. I definitely can tell you that although we have heard of users applying our D140 in this manner, we would never recommend it.

    We will wait for you to complete your post.

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