Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)
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Thread: Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)

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    Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)

    I recently purchased a used car; 2 yeas old (2016 model year).

    Paint seems to be in pretty decent shape with some light swirl marks that can be detected if viewed with the proper lighting and angle. Clay bar is needed based off of plastic baggie test.

    Within the next few weeks I want to do a full Meguiar's detail.

    Here is my current plan:
    Wash --> Clay --> SwirlX --> Ultimate Polish --> Carnuba Wax (All Meguiar's products)

    Since I'm already using the SwirlX, can I skip the Ultimate Polish step and do the following:

    Wash --> Clay --> SwirlX --> Carnuba Wax (All Meguiar's products)

    Or still do the polish?

    If you read the back of the containers, it really seems like they both accomplish similar tasks. They both remove swirls and give you a show car shine!!

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    Re: Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)

    Swirl X, and Ultimate Polish are a bit too close to me.

    I believe Swirl X is said to be more aggressive, but I find that Ultimate Polish can do some cutting on a more aggressive pad. It's also a much thinner product, that seems much easier to work with.

    Both will work though. To remove defects that UP, or SX can't remove Ultimate Compound will be your friend. I'd prefer UC over SX for swirl removal.

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    Re: Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)

    We would agree they are similar in design. Ultimate Polish will have slightly less defect removal ability, but will also leave behind a more high gloss, especially if a darker colored vehicle.

    Are you working by hand or machine? If machine, what type? If hand, what type of accessories do you plan on using to apply & remove?

    In regards to using a carnauba wax. Carnauba Waxes have been around for decades and are known for their great gloss & protection. In case you were not aware, many users are choosing synthetic waxes like our Ultimate Liquid Wax or Ultimate Paste Wax. In most peoples opinion they offer just as good of gloss as carnauba, but are much better protecting, more durable, and longer lasting. Whichever you choose is up to your preference, but something to consider, especially if this will be a daily driver and stored outdoors.

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    Re: Proper Steps (Polish Needed?)

    Yeah, esp if working by hand to remove swirls, you may find the need to use the Ult Compound, and even spread things over a few days.
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