Ultimate Compound discoloring polishing pads?
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Thread: Ultimate Compound discoloring polishing pads?

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    Ultimate Compound discoloring polishing pads?

    I bought 2 pads for my Porter Cable DA polisher (the pads are the standard PC brand, nothing special). One of them has been used with Meg's Ultimate Compound and washed several times with Dawn (by hand) while the other has only been used to apply Klasse AIO and washed with Dawn (also by hand). The one used with UC has a distinct yellowish tint; Is this normal or am I not getting all the product out of the pad when washing it?

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    Re: Ultimate Compound discoloring polishing pads?

    It's normal for pads to become discolored to some degree after use.

    UC itself hasn't really stained my pads though. More likely the gunk it pulls from the paint.

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    Re: Ultimate Compound discoloring polishing pads?

    Had this when detailing a single stage paint. The red transfered from the pad.

    Even after putting in the washing machine the pad still looked a pinky red.

    I decided to no longer use that pad & cut it up and use for tyre dressing.



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