New detailing business.....maybe
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Thread: New detailing business.....maybe

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    New detailing business.....maybe

    Hi all,

    My family is thinking about starting a detailing business, and I'm going to manage one of the locations. I must admit, I know very little about the business, so I'm here to learn!

    I'm starting to learn about products and such, since this will be a big part of our investment. Now I need to allocate funds to buy products, so do to that I'm hoping to understand what kind of mix I should be aiming for. Could you guys let me know what percentage of all of your chemical/product purchases are spent on the following?

    -Cleaners (Interior, Exterior, All Purpose)

    Also could you let me know what type of detail operation you run/work for?


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    Re: New detailing business.....maybe

    I've been detailing on the side for awhile, I'd look into the Mirror Glaze & Detailers lineups. They give you the best selection of products for your money. A lot of the products can be used for multiple situations, so remember to read up & watch videos on Meguiars products. It helps alleviate buying to many products so your costs stay low. I hope this helps.

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