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Thread: Swirl marks will not budge at all!

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    Swirl marks will not budge at all!


    Recently purchased a VW Golf R that is a year old. I have been reading around how to look after the paint work as I thought when I purchased it the paint work was perfect. However, on closer inspection when I heard what swirl marks are my car is covered in them!! They are extremely fine though. Even if you get right up to the car you can't see them unless you look at an angle in good lighting or shine my phone light directly onto the car. The car had been waxed etc by the garage so I did the following today to get rid of swirls with zero success:

    1) Thorough wash down with wash mit and hot water with fairly liquid to strip off wax.
    2) Wash down with power hose
    3) Fully dried with a couple of microfiber cloths
    4) Used detailing lubricant spray and clay bar to remove contaminants
    5) Washed down and dried again
    6) Used Meguire's ultimate compound with medium pressure and buffed with microfiber cloth. This did nothing.
    7) Applied two more applications of this with harder pressure and circular motion technique and buffed again with microfiber. Again absolutely nothing.

    These swirl marks are extremely fine and if you are not looking for them then the car looks stunning as shown in the first picture taken from further away. In fact I can't even get my phone to show them unless I hold up the bright light from another phone right in front of the paint. However, as shown by the second picture below the car has these circular swirl scratches. Every single square inch of the car is covered in them. I can't find a single piece of paint without them! Why is there not a single spot without these swirl marks? The second picture is AFTER I carried out the above steps.

    Please help. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    Re: Swirl marks will not budge at all!

    Guessing it's had a hard life in car washes/ poor hand washing.

    Get yourself a D/A.


    Rappy :-).

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    Re: Swirl marks will not budge at all!

    Welcome to MOL.

    Those defects look like moderate to deep swirls. You will need to get yourself a dual action polisher to remove them. The limitation you are experiencing is the hand.

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