It's been a while -- New Truck
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Thread: It's been a while -- New Truck

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    It's been a while -- New Truck

    I think this is my first post in over 12 years. I just took delivery of a new F150 in Blue Jeans. I've been using NTX on my last truck and it served well.
    I'm sure technology has improved in the past few years. I'm thinking the Power DA system starting with Ultimate Polish followed by Ultimate Liquid Wax. This is after a good claying.

    There a lot of black plastic. How do I keep this in looking good.


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    Re: It's been a while -- New Truck

    Congrats on the new truck.

    Your plan sounds solid with ultimate polish and ultimate wax.

    For the plastic, Meguiar's makes ultimate black in a lotion form. Lasts a few weeks but does a pretty good job. Regular cleaning and using ultimate black will keep the trim looking good.

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    Re: It's been a while -- New Truck

    Quote Originally Posted by holderp View Post
    I'm thinking the Power DA system starting with Ultimate Polish followed by Ultimate Liquid Wax.
    I have found that the DA Power Systems is great for spot correction but there is no way I would do a full F150, or even one of the large panels with that tool. It is simply not ergonomically friendly, and can be difficult to control, and is very tiring.
    If I were you , I would get a dedicated DA polisher and think you will be much happier, less tired, and you will possibly achieve better results. Keep the DA System for touch ups.

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