DA Polisher on hard to get to areas
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Thread: DA Polisher on hard to get to areas

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    DA Polisher on hard to get to areas

    How do you guys use the MT300 polisher on crazy curves and hard to get to areas (my Corvette is full of them)? Do you just get as close as you can with the polisher and then get the rest with the same product on an applicator and do it by hand?

    An example of the type of areas I'm talking about would be the lower front end on the Corvette pictured below (my apologies for the large photo).

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    Re: DA Polisher on hard to get to areas

    A 3" pad and backing plate on the MT300 or a dedicated 3" polisher will get those areas.

    In between the front to air inlets may need to be done by hand unless you have a smaller machine like the Rupes ibrid nano.

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