Pictures from March 31st, Intro to Paint Care & D/A Polishing Class

After a great discussion in our Training Room we stepped out into the garage. Today we worked on one of the class attendant's 2017 Honda Accord.

We started by showing proper technique with our Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax

The paint surface was rough so we used our Smooth Surface Clay Kit to remove the above surface contaminants.

In the sun, light swirls & scratches were apparent.

We ended up using M205 Ultra Finishing Polish. It provided just the right amount of defect removal & left the finish with a nice high gloss shine.

Looking much better!

The car owner was first up to try our MT300 Dual Action Polisher. Below we show him about the size of the area to work at a time.

More class attendants get a chance to try our dual action polisher.

We noticed there was a particular area which had a cluster of deeper scratches. We used Ultimate Compound on a DFC5 Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc to remove the scratches.

There was also a fairly deep scratch on the right side of the hood. We used M100 Pro Speed Compound with a DMC3 DA Microfiber Cutting Disc to diminish the defect.




Last it was time to apply a coat of wax, and an attendant in the class asked us to use a paste wax. We chose Ultimate Paste Wax and applied it by hand with our W0004 Soft Foam Applicator Pad.

Final Wipe off!

Thanks to everyone for coming out!