Hello all,

I have been detailing for a while, but have for the most part worked on newer cars without any major paint issues. However a friend of mine has a 1990's caddy and there are some surfaces and other things I have never dealt with and was curious as to your input.

First off the car was from Nevada and the hood and trunk show some strange paint defects.

It feels a bit rough and it looks like there are white specs throughout. Can this be taken care of through normal means (buffing, polishing, waxing) or is this paint too far gone and in need of professional restoration?

Next up, and most important to my friend are the wheels.

They didn't have that rust on them when he brought it up (we are in NJ) but now it has formed. I have never dealt with these tight wire wheels before. The brush I normally use would be too large to get in there. Do you have any suggestions? Can that rust be easily removed?

Finally the vinyl top. Should that be cleaned normally with just some vinyl/leather cleaner or is there a special product?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I mainly want to make sure I can do this properly for him. If there is something I am not sure about then I would rather not do it. I look forward to your responses!