Wash + Clay + polish + wash on 2016 car
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Thread: Wash + Clay + polish + wash on 2016 car

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    Wash + Clay + polish + wash on 2016 car

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if the steps on the title are the correct for my car, it is a 2016 red car I never before have done such detailing to my car. Following the steps on

    My car has a few bird droppings stains and small swirls on the paint they are not visible at first sight, just when I am close and detailing it.

    The products I am planning to use are:

    Wash: Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

    Clay: Meguiar's G1016 Smooth Surface Clay Kit

    Polish: Meguiar's M205 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

    Wax: Meguiar's G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0

    Are these product the corrects to use on my car? or is
    it too aggressive to 2016 car?

    I have a machine buffer available for use.


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    Re: Wash + Clay + polish + wash on 2016 car

    Gold Class wash is good car wash soap. The clay kit is good but feel the surface after washing to see if you need to use it or not (if you have never done it you will probably be able to feel the roughness of above surface contaminants). M205 is a great product but everyone's paint and situation is different. You will want to do a test spot and see if it solves your problems. If not, you may need to try UC or M105 to do some stronger defect removal before moving on to UP or M205. Also, you say you have a machine buffer available; what kind? Is it a DA polisher or a rotary buffer? Different methods and products for different buffers. Also, if you are not experienced with a rotary buffer you can easily do damage to your paint that is much harder to solve. Lastly, since you have Tech Wax on there I'm guessing in your title you meant Wax for your last word. Tech Wax is definitely a good wax, but maybe think about Ultimate Wax as that is the best one they make.

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    Re: Wash + Clay + polish + wash on 2016 car

    Welcome to MOL.

    You have some good products on hand.

    What machine do you own?

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