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Thread: Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike

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    Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike


    So I'm not sure if this is off topic but I guess since you guys are experts at car detailing and a gloss bicycle paint will probably be of similar properties as a glossy car. I guess someone will be able to help?

    Here's the image of the chip

    From the looks of it, the primer is still there.

    So some suggested using car touch up paint but as this is a bicycle, I have to guess on which car touch up paint to buy, to make matter worse, I read that the color on the bottle doesn't match the final color?

    Another option that I read is by using nail polish, but will it lose its color over time?

    Also any tips on how to cover up the chip paint by hand cause I don't think I should use any power tools on a carbon bike.

    I'm open to suggestions

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    Re: Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike

    I am really not an expert in touch up paint. Maybe others can chime in.
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    Cool Re: Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike

    Bikes are usually painted with finishes that are very similar to (and sometimes identical to) car paints. (with the exception of powder coated bike, which have gotten more common lately)

    So in general, you'd do touch-ups the same way, with the same type of paint.

    Check with your bike shop. The manufacturer might have touch-up paint available.

    I don't know how it works in your country, but here in the US there are local shops where the auto painters and body repair shops get their supplies. They can usually custom match touch-up paint for you.

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    Re: Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike

    i would start with the manufacturer (Trek, Specialized, Orbea, etc) and call them directly. I know Trek has paint codes for their bikes and project one specialties. If they cant help, I would try an automotive paint shop or maybe even Home Depot (last resort) as they can scan the paint and mix up something that would be close

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    Re: Chipped Paint on a Carbon Bike

    There is an old saying:
    "Custom painters never mess up. They just add more graphics."

    It might be easier to sand the area smooth and add some contrasting paint lines to the bike.

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