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Thread: Windshield issues

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    Windshield issues

    Everytime it is raining or muggy my windshield starts fogging up and in order to get rid of it I need to turn on the defroster. When I do this the airconditioning comes on and clears it up. First great that it is fixed but why does the defroster not put our heat. I cant seem to figure out how to change that to heat.

    I am also not sure if it is because of a leak in the heater core or a broken seal in the windshield.

    Any home remedies anyone would like to suggest.

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    Re: Windshield issues

    Well, my car has the option for both (and A/C at a warm setting)... but in general it will default to A/C to get the moisture out of the air in the car.

    As far as if your car is always humid inside, you would want to feel around everywhere cloth... headliner, carpets, etc and see if anything is noticeable.

    I had to change floor mats in the winter to keep from soaking my carpet...
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