Rate my bird poo etching :(
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Thread: Rate my bird poo etching :(

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    Rate my bird poo etching :(


    Lucky as I am, I got a "worst case" 4 hours bird poop on the roof of my Audi A5 Sportback '13 on a sunny day.
    I dissolved it and the day after i gave it at shut with A DMC & MF correction compound, that didn't help.
    Tried with M105, that didn't help..

    Soo...bought a water sanding kit, 33 mm disc 5000-3000-2500-2000-1500 and a knob for holding it..

    My toughts now is, how to determine if it actual went through the clear coat already? Can i do a thinner test on a cotton pad to see if cotton gets colored?

    I once buffed the roof as I had bird etching before(which cleared out fine) and I had the car from new.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Rate my bird poo etching :(

    Strange bird you have there in Denmark. If you get bird poo from a Swedish bird it can sit atleast for a month summertime without no trouble

    A trick i've learned (with scratches etc) is if you poor water on it, does it change or stay the same. If it changes you can buff it away.

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