Question about Perfect Clarity Glass Kit
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Thread: Question about Perfect Clarity Glass Kit

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    Question about Perfect Clarity Glass Kit

    So I recently purchased this as hopefully a replacement for using Rain-X on my windshield and had a specific question. After applying the sealant which should produce similar or better results than Rain-X, if you use Meguiars glass cleaner will this degrade the sealant? I am getting ready to drive cross country and will definitely be going through bug country and I want to have the slickness to allow rain to slide off, but I will have to be cleaning the windshield frequently to still be able to see through the bugs and I don't want to waste the time before I leave to do the whole process if it's just gonna be worn down on the way over by cleaning it. So long story short, does Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner degrade Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant?

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    Re: Question about Perfect Clarity Glass Kit

    Hi bowlerr,

    So to answer your question, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner will not degrade the Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant from our Glass Care Kit.
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