Best cutting compound for rupes 21
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Thread: Best cutting compound for rupes 21

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    Best cutting compound for rupes 21

    I currently use the rupes L21 with their blue top cutting compound and rupes foam pads.
    After doing a bit of reading I've bought some microfiber pads as it seems they have a better cut. What is the best compound to use with the pads? Has anyone used the rupes polishes/compounds with different brand microfibre pads?

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    Re: Best cutting compound for rupes 21

    Hi Kial91,

    Ultimate Compound, Ultra Cut Compound, Pro Speed Compound, DA Microfiber Correction Compound, pretty much any of our compounds which are approved for Dual Action/Random Orbital use, I have heard of being used on Rupes machines, with success. We always recommend trying out our D300 DA Microfiber Correction Compound on our DMC5/DMC6/DMC3 DA Microfiber Cutting Discs first, since the D300 was designed specifically for our microfiber cutting disc. If you need more cut, M105 Ultra Cut Compound & M100 Pro Speed Compound are both popular on Rupes machines, with our pads or not.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Best cutting compound for rupes 21

    M100 is incredible.

    I've also had great luck with Ultimate Compound.

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