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    M105 Consistency

    Complete novice here.I picked up a bottle of M105 at Walmart to use with a porter cable DA polisher with a orange hex cut pad. YouTube shows people priming the pads with 4 or 5 pea size drops. The liquid in the M105 I picked up is white with the consistency of water,it doesn't sit on top of the pad, it immediately soaks in.I shook it up very well.
    Does the product usually vary in consistency this much?

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    Re: M105 Consistency

    Hi Sawyer65,

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online. Sorry to hear about your experience. M105 should not be the consistency of water. Please contact our Solutions Hub at 800-347-5700 or customercare@meguiars.com. With some type of proof of purchase, we can send you a replacement or refund. You are also welcome to return to the store you purchased it from, to try to exchange for another. Either way.

    Again we apologize for any inconvenience. It may have been exposed to prolonged extreme heat or cold.
    Nick Winn
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    800-854-8073 ext 3845

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