2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!
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Thread: 2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

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    2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

    I don't have any before pictures, unfortunately...

    I showed my car on May 5th at Mustangs at the Mountain at Stone Mountain Park in GA. This was my 4th year going to this show, and thinking about that makes me chuckle. Four years ago, I had just purchased this car and just basically washed it for the show. When I arrived at the park for the show, I saw people going through insane lengths to detail their cars. My wife and I laughed at them! It didn't take long for me to join that group of insane detailers though.

    For this "detail job", I assessed the car quickly and determined it was basically very dusty with pollen and dust that had settled on the paint while working on with the garage open. Under-hood, it was equally dusty from having been driven semi-long distance. The interior needed a good vacuuming and wipe down.

    I used the two-bucket wash method with Meguiar's Gold Class Wash and then dried it with an electric leaf blower before wiping out the door and trunk jambs. Under-hood, I wiped off all residual water, and then hit the black plastics with both Meguiar's Ultimate Black and ClearShine water-less wash. Inside of the car, I vacuumed the seats and carpet, and then wiped down the dash, door, and center console surfaces with the microfiber I had used to apply Ultimate Black to the under-hood surfaces. The residual Ultimate Black was just enough to accomplish what I wanted.

    The morning of the show, I drove to the park with a removable protective mask on the car, and upon arriving at the park, set to final detailing it. I used the ClearShine to detail the paint. I then used 303 Aerospace Protectant to clean the tires and wheels, and applied ClearShine sling-free tire dressing.

    This detailing was probably the least I've done on this car for a car-show. Typically for a car-show, I go all out with compound, polish, and wax and invest about 20 hours into the whole process of preparing the car. With the heat and my work schedule, I just wasn't feeling it.

    I was surprised when I won Best 5th Gen. Mustang!!!!

    2014 Mustang GT 6-Speed Manual

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    Re: 2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

    Looking good! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: 2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

    Nice touch with the blue accents!

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    Re: 2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

    Now that is a good looking mustang.

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    Re: 2014 Mustang GT - Car Show Detailed!

    Great work!

    It looks like you could eat dinner off that engine bay.

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