2003 BMW M3 - A Miracle Detailing - Paint correction - Extreme Makeover

There was something on or in this paint that was brutal. It looked like a real bad case of total clear coat failure.
The client actually brought it to me as a last resort. Body shop repaint quoted him $12,500 to repaint the car.
We all know you do not want to repaint if you do not have to. I devalues the vehicle and it is never the same.

I did a little 18"x18" test spot in the middle of his hood and whatever it was came off. It turned out crystal clear.

Interestingly enough...at the time I was booked up over a month in advance.
We made the appointment for a month away and I kinda expected him to forget/or bail.
I contacted him two days before the appointment and he was anxious to give it a go.
The funny part was him pulling up in a M3 with a real shiny 18"x18" spot in the middle of his hood.

I wasn`t cheap but I was a lot less than 12k, and he had original OEM paint looking better than brand new.
I`m not much for 50/50 shots as my (old) iPhone has a lens smaller than a pencil eraser. but here goes...

The top of the before/after is the only shot I have of what his hood looked like.
It looked like total CC failure. You can see the tape line in the fluorescent light.

Finished result

The End

Needless to say he was absolutely blown away when I was done!

Thanks for looking...