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    Road paint removal

    Hi I think I have road paint on the side of my car have buddy say use goo gone or goof off. Another say rubbing compound what would be best to remove the paint without damaging my paint?



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    Re: Road paint removal

    An Automotive Specific Solvent would be our first recommendation. These can typcially be purchased at auto body supply or automotive paint supply stores. They are typically marked towards removing any petroleum based substance off automotive paint. I believe goo gone or goof off does have an "automotive paint" specific version which should work. These are typically used by gloving up, and dabbing some of the solvent onto the affected area to loosen up the paint, so it can be wiped off. 3M has an automotive specific adhesive remover which might work for this also.

    Any time a solvent is used on automotive paint, it is best to neutralize the area afterwards by washing with a pH balanced car wash solution, like our Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner. Of course, the wax will also be stripped in the area as well, so it would be best to apply a coat of wax for protection afterwards.

    Hope this helps.

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