Tough to identify scratch
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Thread: Tough to identify scratch

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    Tough to identify scratch

    Hello, I am trying to fix a scratch on my 2013 Gray G37 Coupe. The scratch is hard for me to evaluate and I am not sure which of the 4 options I should go with.

    The scratch appears wide but shallow.
    My nail does catch in the deeper areas of the scratch, but it doesn't seem that deep. The scratch also doesn't appear to be white and there seems to be paint there. I am not sure how much clear coat is left, if any.
    I am not a pro at this and have limited experience. Can someone with more experience please take a look at the attached pictures of the scratch and advise as to which of the below options will likely create the best result?


    1. Lightly wet sand with 3000 paper, followed by meguiars compound, then meguiars polish, and then paste wax.

    2. Light 3000 wet sanding of the jagged edges of the scratch, add touch up clear coat followed by option 1 above.

    3. After light 3000 wet sanding of the jagged edges of the scratch, place a single coat of touch up paint followed by a single layer of clear coat and then proceed to option 1 above.

    4. Only use meguiars compound, polish, and then paste wax.

    Thanks for your help.

    note that the line on the back end of the door to the left is a door protector.

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    Re: Tough to identify scratch

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear about the scratch on your G37. After taking a look at the pictures, it does appear to be quite deep. Sanding alone will likely not diminish the scratch to a satisfactory less noticeable appearance.

    I am not an expert in touch up paint. I have heard that Dr. Color Chip works well, but have not tried it for myself yet. You might consider contacting them for further help. I would imagine you will hear from other members on the forum as well.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Tough to identify scratch

    If i had that scratch, i would use some kind of filler (lost the english word for it) to level it up. Sen i would bought some touch up paint from your car dealer. Then, here's the tricky part first use the paint in a thin layer, after that clearcoat. Let it dry - THEN i would have tried wet sanding to level it out (followed with, compound, polish..)

    Not familiar with dr color chip, so i dont know what it is. However i've done touch up paint on cars since -99 - with that said, my way is probably not the only way, thats just how i do it

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