Possible Marring on paint. Can it be fixed?
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Thread: Possible Marring on paint. Can it be fixed?

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    Possible Marring on paint. Can it be fixed?

    Hey guys,
    Nice weather is finally here and I need to give my car a coat of wax. Before doing so, I have noticed that there's some "marring" on a few spots. I don't recall seeing this last summer but it's developed sometime over the last 6 months. Overall, the car doesn't look terrible however, this particular problem is only noticeable when in sunlight at the right angle.

    The car is a 2012 Fusion. I don't have any of those fancy DA polishers that everyone now has (I'm looking to buy one). Currently I'm stuck with a dinky orbital one which has served the purpose. I'm not a professional but not just starting out either. I usually leave the major scratches and stuff to the pros. However, I'm wondering if this particular problem could be resolved by using the Ultimate Compound?. I do have a few very faint scratches in other areas of the car as well which this might come in handy for. Although, some of the feedback I got from Google suggested that UC could make things worse. I don't know... it was you guys who originally told me last year that this was a safe product to use (I never had any issues before).

    I guess my main concern is finding a way to correct this or at least minimize it. Also, if I did buy a DA polisher, what kind of pad would be safe to use without the risk of burning through paint?. There's so many on the market to choose from. Most people I've spoken with said that these newer style DA polishers are almost fool proof in the sense that if you press down too hard it shuts off. I would probably feel comfortable with the least aggressive pad if such a thing exists.

    It's worth noting that I did try using a bit of UC on a test spot. Then I used a polish followed by a wax. It got rid of the marring. But I'm wondering whether it's a short term solution or will I need to more.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks. (would post a picture but can't figure out how to upload one).

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    Re: Possible Marring on paint. Can it be fixed?

    Dont be afraid of ultimate compound. I am new to all of this as well, but used it on my new truck to get out a few scratches and it worked perfect. I used the red cutting disk, but could have used something a little more aggressive because it was still a little work to get the light scratches out. After using the compound I used ultimate polish with the polishing disc which really made the shine pop. Finished it with two coats of wax.

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