Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?
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Thread: Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?

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    Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?

    Hey guys, would you recommend waiting to apply UFF on top of M26 after 12-24 hours, or could I apply it instantly? Just curious since I've browsed through the UFF topic yet it seems most people who are asking are asking about UW. I'd like to imagine it'd be fine to apply instantly since M26 isn't a sealant like UW is, but it'd be nice just to have some confirmation.

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    Re: Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?

    I would wait 12 - 24 hours. M26 Hi Tech Yellow Wax still has polymers blended in with carnauba which will take 12 - 24 hours to cure.
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    Re: Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?

    On the topic of topping a wax or sealant with UFF...

    If UFF was applied to the paint on a freshly cleaned and fully prepped surface (IPA wipe), is the bond and longevity not stronger than applying UFF over a sealant such as UW or M21?

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    Re: Ultimate Fast Finish + M26 - Cure M26 before UFF?

    Not sure.. But I think I preferred UFF on the bottom, Ult. Wax (or other product) on top...
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