Polishing or chemical cleaner for a well maintained car?
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Thread: Polishing or chemical cleaner for a well maintained car?

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    Polishing or chemical cleaner for a well maintained car?

    Hello Meguiars community,

    I'm newly registered to the forums (though I've lurked for a long time and have learned a lot!) and am looking for some advice. About six months ago I purchased a sapphire black metallic BMW, new from the dealer. It's had a sealant applied and been waxed every 4-6 weeks. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so it sees very little weather, but it is a daily driver. It's parked outside at night and on weekends but is in a semi-enclosed parking structure when I'm at work during weekdays. And since black shows everything, I am starting to see a few, very fine spider web like scratches at certain angles under bright sunlight or when I go looking for them with my LED swirl finder (as well as some RIDS, mostly on the hood and around the wheel wells, probably from road debris).

    I've been washing/waxing cars for a long time but I am new to polishing and more intensive techniques. I've read a lot and watched a lot of videos regarding full, 2 step paint correction, and sealing/coating cars. I have a decent understanding of how to tackle that. But I've seen much less on regular (say every 6-12 month) paint maintenance for a well maintained, but daily driven vehicle. My main concern is I've read on forums and heard in videos how important it is to use the least aggressive techniques possible to ensure the longevity of your paint. I was hoping to get some opinions on whether my thoughts seem safe and conservative or if I should go in a different direction.

    My first thought (mostly because I already have all the products) would be to use Megs D302 MF Polish on a Megs MF finishing pad on my PC, every 6-9 months to clean up some of the spider web scratches and as a sort of paint cleanser to get off any staining, spotting, etc. and to prepare the paint for a fresh coating of sealant. Is that too aggressive for regular maintenance? Would M205 on a foam finishing pad be a less aggressive, better plan? Or should I save D302 for a longer, 12-18 month interval, and use a non-abrasive polish like P21S Paint Cleanser in between (sorry for the non-Megs product reference, does Megs still have a chemical paint cleanser?)? Or is there some other option that I haven't mentioned that would be even better?

    There are so many products and options in car detailing these days that it's bewildering to someone who is trying to step up their game!

    I appreciate any thoughts

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    Re: Polishing or chemical cleaner for a well maintained car?

    Welcome to MOL.

    D302 contains no abrasives in it. The microfiber pad is doing the correction work. Think of D302 acting as the lubricant between the paint and pad which is abrading the surface. Microfiber is typically cuts more than a foam pad.

    I would say to do a test spot and see how the finish looks. Softer paints tend to haze with microfiber. This is where M205 or ultimate polish on foam pad may work better. There really is no interval as to how often to use either combination. A polish once a year is not going to remove much clear.

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