So last weekend, as the weather has been awesome here in the UK, I decided to try out a bottle of Wash Plus.

I was planning on doing a full decon on my dads green 01 Honda Accord. I had done a decon back in jan with it, and had only used a clay mitt, and it had bugged me, as I felt I didn't do a 100% job on it (due to it being so cold at the time).
The car had a good layer of Auto finesse carnauba wax on it (Radiance liquid wax for those who are familiar with the brand). This was about done and the car needed a freshen up after the long winter.

So, my method for washing my dads car, followed more of a common sense approach. I gave it a snow foam bath first, to loosen up all the dirt, and then gently remove most of the coarser dirt.

Once rinsed, I used Wash plus with a meg yellow bucket and grit guard. I was very impressed with the lubrication of the shampoo as you run it over the panels. I did a panel at a time and rinsed via the grit guard, and also by aiming the pressure washer at the mitt to really get it clean every time.
What I like about the shampoo was it felt like a normal shampoo, with extra lube. I gave the panels a good scrub and did not get any more swirls or scratches. I feel that is the worry with most people hearing about this shampoo having micro abrasives. As long as you follow some common sense, everything ended up fine!
As for polishing out swirls.. I don't think it did to be honest (but I also didn't expect it to). I actually went over the car twice. Once was enough to remove the old wax and polish. I was able to see the condition of the paint at this point..and then went over the car again, to test the theory of minor swirl removal. If anything, it may have removed the tiny swirls which were barely noticeable in the first place. But this could be the reason the paint did look noticeably cleaner.

What I ended up with was a very very slick surface. I still went through the process of de-tarring and claying the car properly. I used Meguiars ultimate compound by hand. Then topped up the car with a paste wax (my first time using a paste wax- im whole heartedly converted to paste waxes now!).

As for the wash plus.. I loved using it. The fact I only needed one bucket too was nice!

The wash plus is a great way to remove old wax. Depending on how well you maintain your car, you end up with a nice clean surface to apply sealant or wax. I think this is the best way to think of this shampoo. A neat way to remove wax.