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Thread: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

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    Re: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

    I really like my weather tech mats. Have been extremely durable and I love the floor coverage they provide. No regrets and would definitely buy again. Not of aware of anything else that compares.

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    Re: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

    I've been very happy with the Husky liners I got too. I picked them over WT for my Camry as they actually cover a bit more carpet. They're 2 1/2 years old now, I drive 700 miles a week for work and they're in very good shape still. I'm quite happy with them. ��

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    Re: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

    SLM.... I have both, in black, front only. Weather Tech in my SUV (3 years old), and Husky in my F150 (1 year old). Though the 1 year in the truck has had much harder wear than the 3 years in the SUV. The fit and finish of both are just about identical. There are some very minor differences when compared side by side. Not god or bad, just minor differences. The Husky liners seem to resist dirt better. The finish on the Husky is a bit less porous or smoother, so they wipe clean much easier and better. The Huskys look almost new after a damp rag. The WTs always look like they need a cleaning, even after a good scrubbing. If I were buying a another set, I would definitely go Husky.
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