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Thread: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

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    Re: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

    Oh wow! The Husky ones I got for my Camry for perfectly. And I mean perfectly. I had one out because I spilt coffee on it and saw this funky little bend and thought it was folding up on itself. Nope, it's supposed to be like that. There's a little hump on the floor it goes over.

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    Re: WeatherTech floor mats or another brand?

    i love my w/t mats they fit my truck perfectly
    but after a long winter the mud and dirt stains them so much i cant get them clean not matter how much i scrub them

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    Spend the extra money on the weathertech if you can afford it (save for them?). It's been my experience the less expensive options either don't last, aren't really equivalent, change color, or don't quite fit right. If you're going this route get the floor liners, not just the matts. The liners give full coverage.

    My car came with the all weather matts from the factory, which are essentially rubber. I have them on top of the WT liners in all 3 non driver locations they have a better feel under the shoe/boot and are easier to keep clean.

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