Bird Droppings on taillight
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Thread: Bird Droppings on taillight

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    Bird Droppings on taillight

    So after weeks of waiting on my new Durango to arrive we finally got it on Friday night it was late and dark (I was stupid and didn't see the bird poop) Its white which it came off the paint just fine and I cannot see any residue left over there, but some of the droppings got onto the taillight, the next morning I went to wash it and found it.... I can scratch it off with a finger nail but it still leaves a little bit behind i'm wondering what steps to take to get it off. It hasn't been there to long because the car was just recently built.

    any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Bird Droppings on taillight

    I'd try a bit of 'polish' on the affected area.

    Just remember, least aggressive first.


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