Why I put it on new headlights? Because it says so in the advertising package. They should remove this from the package or at least give a warning that the coating may cause new headlights to look shiny and less clear. I wanted to protect my headlights and I thought the product would be clear like wax or sealant. Also, is not bad application as you can read im not the only one who had a similar experience when applying to new headlights

of course, any person would think or assume a product like this would be clear and wouldn’t change the color. It gives the headlights this shiny look which looks nothing like new headlights. Its a downgrade in looks. Even if you apply it lightly, the headlights will be shiny.

Is a good product for people whose headlights have already hazed on their own, is so thick that of course is gonna protect the headlights. I’m sure they put the shine in there to help making restored headlights newer