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    Question Paint Protection Film


    I have 3M Scothguard Paint Protection Film (SGH6PRO). Which Meguiar's wax is compatible?

    I read the MSDS on several products and it includes particulates that are bad for polyurethane type materials like PPF.

    Can anyone chime in on what product is safe to use on PPF?


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    Re: Paint Protection Film

    Hi monmak2,

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online.

    For PPF (Paint Protection Film), you will first off, should not notice too much visual benefit from applying a wax, i.e. gloss, darkening, if you choose to do so. A wax/protectant will provide added protection from the sun & water beading. The below recommendations apply to clear protection films as well. Of course always check with the manufacturer of the film for their proper care recommendations:

    Maintaining Vinyl Wraps
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